Best Air Blower in India
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Keeping your space, neat and tidy is important. But the dirt and dust accumulate in your house and office, making it look ugly. At times, it can be hectic to clean up the nook and corner of the room. Often the broom doesn’t reach the edges, and dust keeps on accumulating. To get rid of this unwanted dirt, you must get hold of the air blower for the purpose.

Your life will become much easier if you make a wise choice and a small investment. Here is a list of best air blowers that will suit your purpose.

Here Are The 10 Best Air Blower in India:

1. Best for Commercial Use: Bosch GBL Air Blower

Bosch GBL Air Blower
Bosch GBL Air Blower
  • Perfect power to weight ratio
  • A lock-on button is provided ensuring a persistent convenience
  • It has the highest efficiency of cleaning that you can expect: Power of 620 watts and airflow of 3.5 meter per minute
  • The carbon brush can be easily changed

To make your office space or the industrial set up look spick and span, this blower from Bosch might be the appropriate choice for you. The Bosch air blower promises to get your commercial space clean and tidy with their super blowing technique. This is a piece of ideal machinery targeted towards the woodwork environment, construction sites, tradesman and craftsman and also for maintaining your electrical and industrial equipment.

Thus, if you are searching for that device that would just fit the purpose of cleaning and maintaining your commercial space and machinery, Bosch is a brand you can put your trust on. Besides, blowing away all the dirt and waste, they can efficiently dry paint and any material after a wash! Hence, you get double benefits while investing in just one product.

Among the various task that you think GBL 620 can perform is cleaning your air conditioner. Getting away all the accumulated dirt from the conditioning system sounds exceptionally tiring! To get you relieved from this stress, Bosch blower comes in to play.

You can also ventilation grills which would otherwise take up a lot of time in cleaning, be it your home or office! If you are wondering, this can’t perform a heavier task, this device can easily prove you wrong as they spontaneously clean up all the wood dust in the mill, which would otherwise take up decades! In case you are planning to buy this, explore them further.

  • Light on budget
  • Trusted branding
  • Highly efficient cleaning
  • Only six months of warranty
  • Airflow regulator not available

2. Best with Variable Speed Control: Cheston CHB-20

  • Variable Speed control, enabling you to control and use the device easily
  • Lock-on for convenience while cleaning
  • Easily changeable carbon brush design
  • High-quality material ensuring durability

Cleaning up all the household furniture and equipment can be a tedious job. With the increasing level of dust, especially in the winters, it is challenging to clean up the nook and corners of your house, with precision. Cheston Plastic Blower makes your life quite easier, as it can completely clean up all spaces with high efficiency!

Whether you are busy with your office work or planning the next party, get all the corners of your house party-ready just with the assistance of Cheston blower. They come in vibrant colours, and the plastic design makes use of the blower quickly and comfortable.

You can use this device to get rid of all the dust accumulating on your desktop, corners of your household or the kitchen appliances, which you are unable to clean up using a mop! So, if you are thinking of making your house tidy at ease, this blower can be the perfect companion. With a power of 500 watts, the high volume of air cleans up each corner quite efficiently.

The product is designed ergonomically, giving amazing features like cleaning up every corner of your house and appliances. The cleaning process becomes much efficient and simple as you use Cheston 500 W blower in your everyday chores. This brand promises of high durability and you can use them for years. To add to the privileges above, this product boasts of:

  • Budget-friendly product
  • Variable adjustor available
  • The brand promises durability
  • Easy to clean household areas
  • 1300 rotation per minute giving way to high air volume
  • Vaccum is not included in this product
  • Only six months warranty

3. Best for Cleaning: iBELL Air Blower 600W

iBELL Air Blower 600W
iBELL Air Blower 600W
  • Features an inbuilt vacuum system which takes in all particles to the inner bag
  • Blow rate pf 3.3 meters per minute
  • 14000 rotations per minute and 600-watt power usage making cleaning all faster
  • Adjustable speed controller to control the speed of the wind produced
  • High-quality product ensuring durability

A dust-free environment is essential for a healthy life. To keep your household tidy and the office space give that professional touch, you need to keep getaway all the dust and dirt accumulating around. Ibell comes with a 600-watt blower which easily cleans up different surfaces, giving the multipurpose usage.

It is a piece of perfect equipment for cleaning up gadgets, sidewalks, garage floors, showrooms and also furniture. Be it your house or a commercial office area, and this blower makes cleaning easy. Accumulated dust can actually make your space dirty and cleaning them up physically is indeed a tedious task to perform. The blower not only helps in cleaning but makes the process much easier and less tiresome.

Give your house that shines as you replace the regular broom with the iBELL blower. While you would struggle to get rid of the sticky dirt on the ventilation and air conditioners, this blower will efficiently reduce the burden with its fantastic speed. This blower also comes in handy at your factories, where cleaning is a much time-consuming task!

Hence, for getting away with all the dust particles from the nook and corners and keeping away all the dust borne allergies, this blower can do wonders. Get, this blower home as they offer a series of features which will pace up your everyday life in terms of cleaning:

  • Conveniently priced
  • An in-built vacuum is provided
  • Compact and easy to handle dimensions
  • Multipurpose use in industries and home
  • Cannot be used in your garden
  • Comes with six months warranty

4. Best Overall: Stanley 600-Watt Variable Speed Blower

  • It features a rubber nozzle to bring flexibility in work
  • Inbuilt vacuum cleaner for vacuuming purposes
  • Lock-on mode for ensuring safety and maintaining user control
  • Variable speed adjustor such that you can control the airspeed
  • A cord measuring 3 meters

Stanley air blower has been deemed as the Amazon Choice product under the category of blower with a vacuum. This feather to the cap has not been achieved in a farce! The blower is indeed the best buy you will have to make your space all neat and tidy. Making cleaning up all easier and more comfortable, this product has been the favourite product for the customers.

The air blower works spontaneously in all spaces blowing away all those dirt’s keeping your house unhappy! Getaway with the dullness of your house by this fantastic product that boasts of an inbuilt vacuum cleaner.

The light and compact design of the blower makes the use very comfortable. Don’t worry as you won’t be hassling anymore for cleaning your house anymore. The chore of cleaning becomes much easier as with this, even you can vacuum the space as and when necessary. Hence it’s one of the best air blower in India.

The dust bag attached to this device makes collecting all the dust much easier. As the blower does the work, all the dust particles get accumulated in the bag, making disposal convenient. Besides, as you hurry to clean up your furniture for the guests or preparing your guest room within minutes, which was kept locked for months!

Thus, Stanley can be the perfect unit in your household, which will help you in cleaning faster than you can imagine. To get this product, all you should know are:

  • Light and compact
  • Easy to handle design
  • One year warranty
  • 600-watt power with the variable speed adjuster
  • The suction mode can be used only in restricted areas
  • A bit pricier

5. Best Value for Money: Black & Decker Single Speed Blower

Black & Decker Single Speed Blower
Black & Decker Single Speed Blower
  • A dust bag for collecting all those trash
  • Vacuum facility to clean up space
  • Lock-on facility and easy of use handle makes carrying this easier
  • Rubber nozzle to decide on the direction of airflow.

Attached to a vacuum, this air blower is a great deal. It is value for money as it assists you in cleaning up space. You can quickly get your area cleaned within minutes without any particle lying around. This brand is a household name as all trust the products manufactured by them.

The air blower by this company is no exception. The product is designed with all those features, which will make your life easier. It boasts of a 530-watt motor which cleans of all the dirt stuck in the corners of your room.

If you are struggling to get rid of the dust over the TV or the shelves which are challenging to reach, this blower will come handy. For that fantastic easy cleaning experience, all you need is to get the Black + Decker product for your household.

Even the scattered dry leaves in the garden can be easily blown away with this simple apparatus. The airflow is persistent with a 3.5-meter cube per minute, making the cleaning very fast.

You don’t need to struggle the entire day cleaning up your space as the blower does it for you. The motor provided by this brand is durable, making it compatible with DIY projects. Get your house cleaned with this brand of the blower as they boast of:

  • Long-lasting and durable motor
  • Compact size
  • Specially designed nozzle determining the direction of airflow
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Speed adjustor not available
  • Six months warranty

6. Best for Computer: Cheston CHB-50VS Plastic Air Blower

Cheston CHB-50VS Plastic Air Blower
Cheston CHB-50VS Plastic Air Blower
  • Variable speed trigger to change the speed of the blower according to needs
  • Dust bag to carry all the dust sucked in by the moderate vacuum
  • Lock-on switch for convenience of use
  • A cord for easy cleaning in the farthest corner

Cheston offers a range of air blower, which is cheap and great at the same time. The CHB 50VS is an amazing blower with an inbuilt vacuum making cleaning easier. If you are struggling to keep your place dust-free, this blower will give you just the perfect scope to clean up the place easily. For that shiny surface to your floor or the perfect clean furniture and computer, this air blower is an ideal help.

Get the dust out of your house with this 700-watt air blower with 16000 rotations per minute. All that stubborn dust hooked up in the corner of your room is dragged out using this simple device. It is made of excellent grade metal and plastic. The apparatus is sturdy and highly durable.

The lightness of the product makes it convenient for use. You can point it to the direction of the dust, making it flow away from the corner, which is difficult to access with the mop. Thus, for making the cleanup days easy, peasy such that you don’t have to invest much time and energy, the Cheston air blower is the right choice.

The black and green design in this model gives it a chic look, and it comes with a full year warranty in India. Besides, there are a host of specifications enlisted for this item. They are:

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Fast and high speed clean up
  • Attractive design
  • Inbuilt vacuum device
  • Power consuming product
  • If kept on the floor while operating, might cause damage to the motor

7. Cheaper Rates: JUNKYARD Plastic Electronics 550W Air Blower

  • High volume output
  • Blows air at the rate of 3.5-meter cube per minute
  • Has a strong and resilient pace
  • Pushes away all those dirt with a strong force.

Free yourself from the tedious work of dusting and blowing with the Junkyard air blower. A perfect strong air blower with 14000 rotations per minute, which is ideally suited for cleaning all those dust from any corner of your space. To get that clean look with a shiny surface for welcoming your guests, all you need is to resort to this very cheap air blower. This is a device that makes life way more convenient in all aspects.

If budget is your concern, then this blower matches your needs. The cheapest in the market, it gives a super strong blow of air to clean up all the corners. You might be trying to mop the dirt away but has failed repeatedly. This blower can do the task in seconds.

With a high power facility, you can opt for this product from Junkyard for your living space. It is an ideal household utility product. Your house will look clean in seconds as you push away all the specks of dust from your furniture and floors.

While a wet mop can make the floors soggy and dirtier, this watt blower makes the task easy. You are relieved of all the hassle of finding the right mop for clearing that nook of your house. Make your life easier with this amazing product at an affordable range. This product comes with the features which will make your task of cleaning a lot spontaneous:

  • Strong and resilient
  • Product is cheapest among the lot
  • Cleans up all the tricky corners of your house
  • Perfect product for household use
  • No Speed regulator
  • No vacuum cleaner

8. Best with Dust Collector: FERM EBM1003 Dust Blower

FERM EBM1003 Dust Blower
FERM EBM1003 Dust Blower
  • Can be used as a vacuum cleaner
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Dustbags for collecting all those vacuumed trash
  • 3-meter long cable giving the freedom to work with

Handling heavy equipment for performing regular chores is a challenging task. The Ferm air blower will make your job smooth as they feature that ultralightweight making it easy to use in one hand. Air blower is an item that must be present in your gadget list to combat the villainous dust and dirt which gets into your space.

The dirt and dust can encroach upon your office within minutes, making the ambiance entirely unhygienic for residing in. The workshops and commercial buildings need regular clean up, and manual cleaning is near to impossible. This blower from FERM can help cleaning such vast spaces way quicker. It has features that are a perfect match for such huge areas. Clean up your woodwork shop or the factory dust by merely switching on this blower. Carry them in your hand as they are light in weight, making the usage quicker and comfortable.

The 400-watt power device with 3-meter cube per minute speed can make cleaning spontaneous. If you are hunting for that perfect device for your workshop, then FERM is best suited in this case. The air blower is compact, which enables it to handle easily.

Besides, the long tube enables to move it freely in all direction. Rubber nozzle provided with this device ensures that the air is blown in the right direction. This air blower sports the following features which make cleaning an easy game:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Mid-priced item, worth the purchase
  • Inbuilt vacuum device for multipurpose use
  • Lower in power
  • Could be a bit more study

9. Best Under Rs 1000: China Air Blower

  • Plastic made body making it light
  • 3.5-meter cube per minute is the airflow rate
  • The ergonomic design of the handle making it easier to carry
  • Good clean up performance

China Air Blower is a cheap blower that can make your life simple. All that unwanted dust cropping on your car or other gadgets can spontaneously be cleaned off using this apparatus from China. The product is designed to do all the small cleanups that your house will demand.

To get the chores of cleaning easy peasy, this cheap product is the one you need to choose. The China model of the blower can be worth the price you pay as they are durable and keeps up to the expectation. The air blows at the same speed, getting rid of the dirt particles flying around!

Besides, it is cheap, and it is readily designed to do all the small cleanups which take up all the time and fatigues you out. Get ready to clean up faster than your thoughts as this device is all set to blow out all that dirt. In comparison to the price, this product is indeed a great choice if you are searching for something sustainable. Going easy on the pocket, China’s air blower will also go easy on tidying up your room.

The plastic body gives the lightweight to this product making it easy to handle. The air gushes out of the device, throwing away all that is not wanted in your room. Small and tiring cleanups can be easily achieved using this product. Hence, all you need to know are the following specifications before you are opting for this blower from China.

  • Lightweight, hence secure handling
  • Conveniently priced
  • Can be used for small spaces
  • Fast clean up speed
  • Vaccum is not installed
  • Works on a single speed with no adjustor

10. Budget-Friendly Option: Planet Power EBC

  • Plastic body giving it lightweight
  • Reasonable airflow rate for easy cleaning
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle for using it conveniently
  • 400mm air pressure is exerted
  • Make your work lighter and easier as this mid-priced product is indeed a budget option to seek for
  • The product is user-friendly and the company is trusted by many

Your household must be free of all the dust and dirt. This blower technology does just the same for you. As you struggle to keep your household neat and tidy, free from all the dust. It is a hectic task to perform. The specks of dust are a consistent foe to your floors and furniture. Besides, a little repairing work in your house can make the space filled with dirt. 

Cleaning them manually not only takes up the extra time but also doesn’t ensure that the place is cleaned correctly. The blower from Planet Power, however, assures that you get a spick and span room as it blows all dust way. For that fantastic easy experience of cleaning with a 650-watt power blower, you need to get hold of this budget-friendly device. It gives out a 400mm air pressure, which is the optimum amount for getting the place tidy. 

Use it to clean the air conditioner, ventilation, or your car. Even the furniture is cleared off from the dust using this device. The device is easy to handle with lightweight and is perfect for both commercial and household usage. Get your rooms clean within minutes using this electronic blower. In the event of opting for this product, you need to know the following.

  • Mid-priced making it budget-friendly
  • Gushes out large volumes of air
  • 13000 rotation per minute
  • No vacuum is attached inside
  • Six months warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Best Air Blower in India

1. Do air blowers clean dust?

This device is an alternative to a vacuum cleaner in the minimum budget. You can easily rely on air blowers as they help you get rid of all the dust much quicker than you can think. So, without further ado, get rid of any dust with the blower.

2. Do they help in vacuuming?

No, not all the air blowers have an attached vacuum inside. It depends on products to products. You need to check the specifications to find out the air blower with an installed vacuum cleaner. Check before you opt for one of your choices.

3. Can air blowers be used in the house?

Absolutely! Air blowers can be used both for commercial spaces like factories or for your house. You can easily clean up your kitchen or any nook of your home quickly without much effort. Hence, you can easily choose one for your daily clean up chores.

4. How much electricity does air blower consume?

It depends on the power of the air blower in use. The higher the power in use, the more electricity will be consumed. There are a variety of products with different power usage. Energy consumption will depend on the product you purchase.

5. What can all be cleaned using the blowers?

Air blowers can have a multi-faceted use. Be it the gadgets attracting dust or the woodwork shops. You can easily clean all spaces up using this simple technology. The air blowers are designed to clean up various spaces conveniently with ease.

6. How to clean the blower?

The air blowers which have the facility of a vacuum cleaner comes with an attached dust bag which accumulates all the trash that it is cleaning up. You can easily remove the bag and clean the trash. For others, you can replace the carbon brush, which cleans away all the dust.

7. What is the warranty you get?

The companies come with a maximum of six months’ warranty with the motor being on focus. If your blower doesn’t run properly, you can ask for a replacement within six months to the concerned company. Hence, you are entirely covered for the first six months.

8. Are there chances of any accident?

While air blower makes clean up easy, it works on electricity, the chances of accident can’t be completely negated. However, most of them come with safety modules and precaution catalogue, which, if read minutely, can save you from any potential harm. So, follow the manual, and you are safe!


Thus, for clean and green surroundings, all you need to do is get one of the best air blowers in India from the market. They are fantastic to work with, making your life easier. You can be stress-free as the fan cleans up all the dirt away with ease.

The air blowers mentioned above are some of the best ones available in the lot. We’ve tried and tested them to make sure they fit the list. So, you can be assured to choose any of them to fit your requirements, however, most of them are multi-purpose. They are friendly in your pockets and provides ease to get your rooms, vehicles and devices neat and tidy ideally. Be it the factories or the home, and the air blower can be the right choice.


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