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Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India – 2022 (Reviews)

Gas stoves and cooktops form an integral part of an Indian kitchen. The new trend of constructing modular kitchens calls for better-looking home appliances. Indian brands of kitchen-ware have come up with innovative stove models that ensure efficient cooking and add glamour to your kitchen. With numerous brands and cooktop models doing rounds in the market, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide upon a single product.

To make it easy for you, our team invested a week and tested over 14 products, and prepared a list of 10 best 4 burner gas stoves from popular brands for you to go through. This will surely help to make up your mind regarding the purchase and bring home a product that is best suited for your household.

Here are the Best 4 Burner Gas Stoves in India for 2022:

  • Ignition type: manual
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Dimension: 63.5x 60x 15.5cm
  • Weight: 9.63 kgs

The Prestige Marvel Plus gas stove is a smart and compact glass top gas table with four burners. It has been specially designed to consume less countertop space to prevent your kitchen from seeming packed up. The shatterproof toughened glass top of this gas table offers convenience in cleaning and makes the product durable.

Tri-pin burners of this modern gas table help to make cooking faster and efficient. This product is a brilliant combination of performance, efficiency, and stylish design and also serves as a good value for money. Apart from its superb functionality, it also adds charm to your kitchen with its elegant design and polished finish.

The sleek design and smooth surface make the entire gas stove superior to its other local counterparts. Not only does it look exquisite, but it is also low maintenance and cost-efficient. Its manual ignition system is crafted with precision to ensure safe and comfortable functioning. The easy to operate knob makes its switching on effortless.

Made of high-grade brass, these burners are corrosion resistant and designed to go on for a very long time. The use of tri pin burners makes the distribution of heat uniform and cooks food rapidly. This also helps to spread the heat evenly through the contents of the vessel, irrespective of its size.

Each burner of the prestige marvel comes with separate pan support for tandoor that balances the round-bottomed utensils properly. This glass top gas stove is designed to provide better functioning by preventing the risk of spillage and thereby ensures hygiene. This product also comes with a 2-year warranty by prestige. Installing this high-grade product in your kitchen will not only make work easy but will also render a refined look to it.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Three-pin burners
  • Corrosion-resistant brass burners
  • Spill-proof design
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Weak burner flames
  • Risk of gas leakage
  • Ignition type: manual
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Dimension: 57x 48x 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 8kg

The smart glass top stove manufactured by butterfly is crafted with the requirements of a modern kitchen in mind. Its innovative design will not only save your energy but also add glamour to your kitchen counter. Its high-grade burners, of two different sizes, help you to regulate the fuel consumption according to your needs.

The efficient and durable burner’s refined design will blend with your modern kitchen ideas with ease and style. Its pan supports have a brilliant structure that locks the vessels perched on them and eliminates the risk of accidents. The well thought out design of this product ensures safety and comfort while preparing food.

This product contains a flame retardant panel that prevents the flame from spreading beyond the burner area. Such a feature lets you stand in front of the stove for as long as your food demands, without the fear of radiation. The stove’s footings are made of polymer and are heat resistant, making the product long-lasting.

Another remarkable feature of this stove is the use of stainless steel spill trays to eliminate the scare of rusting. This advantage makes cleaning easier and makes this stove a low maintenance product. The brass burners promote equal heat distribution and help to cook faster with its heat retention property.

Bringing home the butterfly 4 burner glass-top stove will help you work efficiently and cook more than one dish at once. Its shatterproof glass imparts a touch of elegance to its exterior and, at the same time, makes the product tough. The presence of a 360-degree nozzle makes this stove suitable for every household.

They are crafted with precision so as to remove the threat of gas leakage and their compact structure occupies minimal space. This low maintenance product is the perfect choice for an efficient cooking experience.

  • Unique shatterproof glass
  • Spill-proof features
  • 360-degree revolving nozzle
  • Specially designed pan support
  • Heat retardant exterior
  • Ineffective simmer mode
  • Gas lags are positioned very low

3. Best under Rs.4000: Pigeon Blaze Blackline Glass 4 Burner

  • Ignition type: manual
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dimension: 25x 20x 25 cm
  • Weight: 10kg

Stovekraft is known for pairing elegance with technology to create kitchen appliances that will renovate your household. Pigeon is one of Stovekraft’s flagship brands that have its own target customers and markets, popular throughout India and abroad. Pigeon’s blaze backline 4 burner gas stove is one of the premium kitchenwares of their wide range of products.

Its innovative design and user-friendly technology provide good value for your money by helping you to cook efficiently in no time. Its highly durable brass burners distribute uniform fuel and its subsequent heat to help you cook food at greater speed. The compact structure of this product helps in easy installation and prevents your kitchen from looking congested.

This cooktop’s stainless steel body prevents the dangers of corrosion pertaining to rusts and renders a long life to the product. The hairline finish of the product’s exterior, tough shatterproof glass, and elegant knobs will make your work easy and efficient. Its legs are crafted out of tubular rubber to prevent any damage to the kitchen counter and also offer a firm grip.

The pan-supports of this cooktop are designed in such a way so as to enable a better balancing of vessels of any kind. This package also consists of a high-quality drip tray for easy maintenance and cleanliness.

Pigeon products are known for their tough exterior and long-lasting product quality. The blaze blackline gas stove’s unbreakable knobs are designed to provide excellent operation and prevent gas leakage. Its shatterproof glass top imparts a glossy finish to the cooktop and also makes cleaning easy. This product comes with an additional 7-month guarantee on factory defects apart from the 2-year warranty offered by the brand.

  • Heat resistant glass
  • Compact and conveniently shaped
  • Easy to clean
  • Hairline finish stainless steel body
  • High-quality brass burners
  • Issues regarding improper fitting
  • Chances of burner backfiring
  • Ignition type: manual
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 7 years on glass
  • Dimension: 58.5x 56x 13cm
  • Weight: 9.16 kg

Elica Vetro glass top gas stoves are fuel-efficient, low maintenance and are extremely efficient to use. It’s premium finish, and strong, shatterproof glass will add charm to your modular kitchen. This supreme gas stove is embedded with multiple burners to enable multitasking and save time. Its spill-proof design eliminates the risk of stains due to spillage or overflow.

The smart design of this product offers convenience along with style and it is crafted for enhanced durability. Apart from the efficient functionality, its premium finish will make this product the highlight of your kitchen décor.

It is designed, keeping in mind the durable and finished standard of a modern household cooktop that ensures a genuine and antiskid performance. The euro coated grid supports not only holds the vessels in place but also prevents its chipping due to the pressure. This splendid system provides extraordinary care to your pots and pans while you cook, thereby making it an efficient product.

The toughed glass that coats its upper surface not only provides it a glossy look but also prevents damages due to rust and chipping. It is made of high-quality shatterproof glass that effectively prevents minor cracks from occurring.

It has two pairs of heavy set brass burners of two different sizes to suit all your cooking needs. Their refined quality ensures the safety and a time-saving cooking experience without the problem of flickering flames. The gas stoves are also equipped with stainless steel support plates to make the product durable and strong.

Its high-quality knobs allow easy operation, and its elegant design blends with the supreme exterior of the cooktop. This product comes with a 2-year warranty on its various parts and 7 years’ worth of service and limited warranty.

  • 7 years warranty on glass
  • Stainless steel support plate
  • Euro coated grid supports
  • Premium finish glass top
  • Knobs operate smoothly
  • Burners get blackened
  • Cooktop glass, not entirely heat resistant
  • Ignition type: manual
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Dimension: 58.5x 56x 13cm
  • Weight: 9.44kg

The lifelong 4 burner gas stove has been crafted to provide efficiency to your cooking and glamour to your kitchen. Its best attribute of this product is that all its parts are heatproof and can stand up to a high degree of temperature. The ergonomic design of this compact stove, along with its efficient pan support, balances heavy utensils without the risk of displacement.

Its intelligent design offers an even distribution of fuel through the four burners and thereby makes cooking efficient. This also ensures optimum utilization of fuel and helps to finish your work on time. 

This gas stove has a dual layering of 6mm shatterproof glass on top, which is durable and also adds to its elegant look. The double glassed cooktop is of heat resistant quality and is suitable for the daily rough use. Its strong-glass doesn’t chip off or break whenever it comes to contact with hot surfaces. All these features along with anti-skid technology, enable risk proof usage on a daily basis.

Its smooth glassy surface is very easy to clean as it only needs to be wiped off with a wet cloth after each use. The thick pan supports of this stove can carry the weight of heavy utensils and its efficient design helps in balancing them. Another important feature of this gas stove is the presence of its anti-skid stands that prevent movement in case of increased pressure over the cooktop.

Its knobs are easy to operate and are designed to prevent gas leakage from making your cooking safe. This product also comes with a 10 days no-hassle return policy and an additional 6 months warranty on registration. It is to ensure that your purchase is devoid of any doubts and that you receive your money’s worth.

  • High-efficiency brass burners
  • Extra strong pan support
  • Strong stainless steel body
  • Scratch-proof strong glass
  • Easy to clean
  • The knobs aren’t durable
  • Burners get blackened with use
  • Ignition type: manual
  • Warranty: 2 years 
  • Dimension: 66.5x 57.5x 14.5 cm
  • Weight: 9kg

The TGC4B 4 burner glass top gas stove by Eveready offers an amazing blend of exquisite design and outstanding functionality. This range of gas stoves is known for its versatility, which makes them run longer than the ordinary ones. Its durability and level of endurance make it suitable for rough use without causing any damage.

The Eveready glass top stoves have a spill-proof design that offers easy maintenance and quick cleaning. It comes with stainless steel drip trays attached for collecting spills and grease and thereby keeping the cooktop clean. Another unique feature of this product is its 360-degree swivel type gas inlet that adjusts itself to the position of the cylinder.

The stove contains ergonomically designed knobs for easy and comfortable usage, which lets you effortlessly adjust the flame and heat of the burners. Its premium shatterproof glass top eliminates the risk of chipping and offers long-lasting performance. The tough glass provides a rustproof exterior and its smooth finish enhances the look of your modular kitchen.

This gas stove contains 4 high-efficiency brass burners that help you to cook a number of dishes simultaneously. These burners can be ignited manually and are designed so as to consume a lesser quantity of LPG and add efficiency to your work.

This Eveready cooktop also comes with unique powder coated pan supports, which offer increased durability. It’s smart built promotes reliable performance standards. It also prevents the pan from getting scratches and maintains the quality of your cookware as you prepare meals.

This stainless steel, heat resistant cooktop from Eveready will ensure safety and efficiency and make cooking easier. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and doorstep service to ensure a satisfactory purchase.

  • Supreme finish and elegant design
  • 360-degree swivel type gas inlet
  • Heat resistant, tough glass cooktop
  • Powder-coated pan support for balance
  • Spill-proof design enables easy cleaning
  • Does not produce a high flame
  • Issues regarding gas leakage
  • Ignition type: auto
  • Warranty: 2years
  • Dimension: 66x 59x 15 cm
  • Weight: 8.04 kg

This double step stainless steel 4 burner gas stove belongs to the prestige royale range of gas tables. They are designed to provide you with a cooktop that not only maximizes your convenience but also adds ease to your lifestyle. Molded out of pure stainless steel, these cooktops are durable, strong, and exhibit an authentic look.

It contains removable pan supports that enable easy cleaning whenever needed. The pan-supports hold the vessels in place and allow uniform distribution of heat throughout their contents. You can use both round-bottomed as well as flat-surfaced utensils on these cooktops.

The stainless steel exterior prevents the damages caused due to rust and corrosion. Its well-crafted body is oval-shaped and formed out of a single piece without joints. This gas table doesn’t have any sharp edges on the sides or at the bottom, therefore allowing safe handling. Its high-efficiency brass burners help in the efficient utilization of fuel and faster heat distribution.

The spill-proof design aids in easy maintenance and prevents the mess created due to overflow and spillage. Its ergonomic slant knob design provides easy accessibility and smooth handling. The auto-ignition system of the cooktop ensures a safer and better lighting facility and faster action.

This two-level gas table lets you place big and heavy utensils over the lower rack with the support provided by the upper step. Its supreme deign and strong exterior makes the prestige silver gas stove an optimal choice for Indian households. It’s a brilliant amalgamation of premium stove designs and automatic technology and serves its purpose in the best way possible. Prestige is one of the best kitchen appliances brands in India, and choosing its products will not disappoint you in any manner.

  • Duplex advantage with a wide body
  • Rounded edges for safe handling
  • Automatic ignition for rapid usage
  • High-efficiency brass burners
  • Ergonomically slanted knobs
  • Not fire-resistant
  • Overmuch gap between holder and utensil
  • Ignition type: manual
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dimension: 58.4x 57.1x 15.2cm
  • Weight: 10.2 kg

Sunflame is a brand of kitchen appliances that have dominated the kitchens of most Indian households for decades. They keep up with the needs of modern kitchens by updating their appliances with innovative designs whenever the need arises. The Sunflame pearl glass top gas stove is an efficient appliance with 4 wide-spaced burners for effective and fast cooking.

The two pairs of burners are each of different sizes to help you choose the fuel consumption according to the dish. The high-efficiency brass burners are designed to offer long-lasting service. They are heatproof and corrosion-resistant, and its uniform heating technology distributes the flame evenly, promoting efficient use.

The cooktop’s upper surface is coated with fortified toughened glass, which is scratch-proof as well as durable. Its glossy finish adds an elegant look to your gas table, making it the highlight of your modular kitchen. The smooth surface of the cooktop can be wiped off easily to get a clean stain free gas table in very little time.

The body of the gas table is powder-coated and its impeccable finish protects it against chipping, fading and wearing off of color. All these features add to the durability of the stove and make it look as good as new for a long time. The well-crafted stainless steel drip trays aids in easy cleaning and thereby maintaining the hygiene of your kitchen.

Sunflame pearl glass top stoves are equipped with ergonomic knob designs that offer smooth rotation with just a slight touch. Also, it’s flame control technology aids in easy operation and hassle-free usage. The pan supports are imbued with a powder coating technology that offers anti-skid support for your pans and utensils. This feature promotes hassle-free to use and maintains all safety standards for a non-hazardous cooking experience.

  • Powder-coated sheet and metal base
  • Toughened glass cooktop
  • Ergonomic ignition knobs
  • Spill-proof design
  • Equipped with high-efficiency brass burners
  • The cooktop glass is not heat-proof
  • The knob indicators are not durable
  • Ignition type: manual
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on burners
  • Dimension: 56.5x 55x 11.8cm
  • Weight: 7.45 kg

Glen is an Indian brand that focuses on producing innovative kitchen appliances through extensive research work to make cooking better and easier. Glen 4 burner LPG gas stove 1043 GTAL combines aesthetics and performance to create an efficient cooktop. These new class cooktops are designed so as to enhance the look of your kitchen.

This model has a durable and heatproof black glass-covered surface and a stainless steel body. It is a wide body cooktop that is designed to take care of all the four utensils at once. The burners are placed with a considerable gap in between so as to allow easy access and handling.

This glen cooktop contains four aluminum alloy burners that are created using pressure die-cast and hence are extremely lightweight. These burners are highly durable, and they have special perforations at specific angles for higher thermal efficiency. The glass top is 6mm thick and it’s rendered shatterproof for total safety. The glass surface is scratch resistant as well as stain and impact-proof; this helps in easy cleaning and support heavy utensils.

These cooktops also contain stainless steel drip trays to make cleaning food spills and overflow, easy.  It also has a smart 360 degrees swivel type revolving inlet nozzle for easy cylinder connection and prevents unnecessary movement.

This cooktop also contains a 4mm extra strong pan supports, designed to carry large and heavy vessels without the risk of toppling. Its knobs are ergonomically crafted to allow a good grip and make their usage smooth and convenient. The stove has a matt stainless steel finish that imparts a look of sophistication to it.

Its aluminum burners come with a 5 years warranty, and there is an extra 2 years warranty on the entire product. With all its remarkable features, this glen cooktop becomes an ideal companion of your kitchen that centers upon the well-being of your family.

  • Rich matt finish steel body
  • Strong matt steel drip trays
  • 4mm thick and extra strong pan supports
  • Lightweight and strong aluminum burners
  • Heat resistant black glass layering
  • Dimensions may vary from product info
  • Non- removable drip trays
  • Ignition type: manual 
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Dimension: 105.7x 44.5x 17 cm
  • Weight: 9.4 kg

The Sunshine CT900 burner gas stove is an optimal choice for long kitchen counters, and its elaborate design is ideal for long utensils. This is the only kitchen stove that offers to accommodate two people cooking at the same time. It is this feature that reduces work by enabling its easy distribution and is ideal for preparing multiple cuisines.

This LPG gas stove is equipped with tri-pin brass burners with a thickness that is two times the whole diameter of the burner. It contains 1 jumbo, 1 medium and 2 small size burners for more efficiency. By this feature, heat transmission becomes easy which therefore enables faster cooking. The body of this cooktop is made of high-grade stainless steel that prevents rust and difficult stains from adhering to the surface.

This LPG gas stove is equipped with strong pan supports that impart both durability and steadiness to the vessels perched on them. Their wide and sleek design reduces the gap between the burner and the utensils and thereby promotes effective cooking.

It also features an aluminum die-cast heavyweight mixing tube that mixes air and LPG to create a blue flame. This attribute reduces fuel consumption to a great extent, and it is also known to save around 5 days of gas. With all its brilliant features, the sunshine kitchen appliances strive to improve the quality of cooking by providing innovative kitchen solutions.

Sunshine kitchen appliances, with its consistent performance and dependability, have become a common household name in both domestic and international markets. They provide you with a wide range of products to choose from as per your needs. The brand makes sure that the burners and other crucial parts of their kitchen appliances are made with strict adherence to BIS specifications.

Sunshine CT900 4 burner gas stove is an ISI certified product and it also comes with an extended 1-year warranty. This product is sure to last for a long duration and his high thermal efficiency ensures fast and easy completion of work.

  • ISI certified quality stove
  • Low gas consumption
  • Long-lasting euro coated pan supports
  • Unique air-LPG mixing technology
  • 100% brass burners of three sizes
  • Prone to gas leakage
  • Knobs aren’t of good quality material

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FAQs Regarding 4 Burner Gas Stoves:

1. How to clean a gas stove?

By following the steps given below, you can easily clean your gas stove at any given time:

  • First, disassemble the stove parts carefully and immerse them in hot soapy water
  • Wipe the stove’s body with a dry cloth to remove loose dirt and grease
  • Scrub the stove with a kitchen cleaner
  • Carefully clean the hard to reach areas
  • Wipe clean and assemble the burners and other stove parts.

2. How often should the burners be washed, and why?

A gas stove loses its effectiveness over time as the burners tend to get clogged and thereby produce a weak flame. Cleaning the burners at least once a month is necessary, or else the clogged burners may lead to fire hazards. Flickering flames are also an indication of clogged burners and that its time to clean them. Also, in the case of accidental spills and overflows, the burners must be cleaned before reuse.

3. How to prevent excess fuel consumption in a gas stove?

You need to adjust the knobs according to your needs and avoid using high flames for every time you use the stove. Also, make sure that the flame does not exceed the outer rim of the vessel. So if you maintain the flame size according to the pan size, fuel consumption can be reduced.

4. How to prevent gas leakage?

The first and foremost step to prevent gas leakage is seeing to the stove’s proper installation. Always get your stoves set by a gas safe register engineer and keep a check on any possible wear and tear. Natural gas suppliers induce a sulphuric odor in it. The smell makes leakage detection easy and thereby helps to prevent it.

5. How to maintain the glass layering of your cooktop?

An unclean glass cooktop ruins the entire ambiance of your kitchen. It needs to be cleaned and looked after on a daily basis. Stick to the rules given in your cooktop user manual and use gentle tools. Do not spray water over the glass surface when it’s hot. Wait for it to cool before proceeding with the cleaning.

6. How to clean the knob area of a gas stove?

Unclean knobs reduce the efficiency of the ignition. To clean them, you must first switch off the gas supply, pull out the knobs, and soak them in soapy water. In the case of non-removable knobs, just spray them with vinegar water and let all the grime dissolve. Wipe the knobs dray and they are clean and ready for reuse.

7. What are the advantages of buying a 4 burner gas stove?

The 4 burner gas stoves are high on demand since the last couple of years because it lets you cook up to 4 dishes simultaneously. They normally come with powder-coated pan supports and toughened glass tops to provide better efficiency than the other stoves. A combination of beautiful design and high functionality, a 4 burner gas stove is the best choice for a modern Indian household.

8. How to ascertain the quality of a 4 burner gas stove?

While buying a 4 burner gas stove, you need to make sure that the product id of durable quality. Look if the cooktop is ISI certified or not. Products that come without any warranties aren’t to be trusted either. Local cheap gas stoves are of poor quality that does not last long.


Nowadays, people do not buy gas stoves for mere cooking purposes. These new-age compact glass top stoves have become a potential kitchen décor. This article provides you with a detailed evaluation of the best 10 burner cooktops available at the Indian market.

Going through the above-mentioned list will help you analyze all the products before selecting the best cooktop for your modular kitchen. The information provided here is sure to guide you in your purchase of durable kitchenware. It is therefore wise to make an educated choice to ensure that your investment does not go in vain.