11 Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 (INR) in India [Expert Reviews]

Best Fitness Band Under 3000

Getting a budget-friendly, specs-packed fitness band is a golden ticket to a healthier lifestyle. No wonder fitness bands are the most sought after electronic gadgets! The main upside of getting a fitness band rather than a smartwatch is the massive price difference. Smartwatches start from 10,000 (INR) and they’re themed around fitness too. However, getting … Read more

11 Best Air Conditioners (AC) in India (2020): Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best AC in India

Due to the rising heat and climate changes, there is healthy growth in the number of air conditioners sold, especially in hot countries like India. However, you shouldn’t JUST buy any random AC, as not only does it costs huge, but it shall be at your home, office, bedroom, etc. for around 5-7 years. You … Read more