Humans are ready to step on Mars. So, NASA is gearing up with all the arrangements. They have already approved the 3D images of the future houses which will be built with the help of the material available on that red planet.

NASA has already come up with a design competition in the year of 2015. They have already involved few tech-experts and architects to design a home which will be suitable for humans to live on that planet.

In June, the winning design was named as ‘Marsha’ which was made by AI SpaceFactory, a multi-planetary architectural and technology design agency’ which is situated in New York City.

They have made a building which looks like a cone. It has a diameter of 8 feet and it is 15 feet long. They were ready to be printed in 30 hours and it can offer a ‘tiny bubble of Earth on a distant world’.

They have created a spiral staircase which will connect the four levels inside the pods. All of the pods are designed for their own unique activities.

The ground floor has a sealed notch with which you can enter and exit with the help of a space suit and it also has a lab for the astronauts to work.

Each of the levels has its own individual windows. Natural lights will enter through that window. It will help the crews to be safe from the cosmic and solar radiation.

AI Space factory is planning to create the structure with the help of ‘an innovative mixture of basalt fiber extracted from Martian rock and renewable bioplastic (polylactic acid, or PLA) processed from plants grown on Mars’.

The design agency has already won over 60 other teams and they got a price of $500000.

According to a report of NASA, has said that the decision of AI SpaceFactory of using of biopolar Composite of basalt fiber and bioplastic ‘was found to be stronger and more durable’ than the prototypes which were using concrete.

The agency is targeting to send humans in the year 2030. They are sending a rover in 2020 to evaluate the condition of winds, dust, radiation, and current weather.

The CEO of SpaceX named Elon Musk has already said that they are ready to plan civilization on Mars and a city will be created by the year 2050 if they start working very soon.


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